Partial List of Trainings or Workshops Provided by Dr. Luginbuehl & Testimonials (at bottom):

Florida Association of School Psychologists (FASP) Conference, Miami, FL, Nov., 2004: "The Negative Impact of Sleep Disorders on Student Achievement and Behaviors"
National Association of School Psychologists (NASP), National Conventions in Toronto, Canada and Los Angeles, CA:  "The Veil of Sleep Disorders Impairing Students Learning and Behaviors"
Harcourt Assessment Clinical Measurement Consultant Meeting, Key West, FL, May, 2005: "Effect of Sleep Disorders on Student Performance; Development & Validation of the Sleep Disorders Inventory for Students (SDIS); Screening & Referral Process"

American Psychological Association (APA) Convention - Division 16 Annual Meeting, Washington DC,  2005:  "Screening for Pediatric Sleep Disorders that Impair Student Performance"

ESD 113 School District, Olympia, WA, Oct., 2005: "The Veil of Sleep Disorders"

Idaho School Psychology Association Conference, Idaho Falls, ID, Nov., 2005:  "Wake Up America!  The Veil of Sleep Disorders Impairing Students' Learning and Behaviors"

Program Managers’ Meeting of the Ounce of Prevention Fund of Florida/Healthy Families Florida, Orlando, FL, Jan., 2006: "Healthy Sleeping Habits for Infants and Toddlers"

Southwest Florida Communities in Collaboration: A Regional Summit on Children’s Emotional, Behavioral & Mental Health, Florida Gulfcoast University, Nov., 2005: "The Negative Impact of Sleep Disorders on Children's Daytime Functioning"

Florida Sleep Symposium, St. Petersburg, FL, Sept., 2005, 2006, Tampa, FL, 2008 - "Characteristics to look for in Identifying Sleep Disorders in Students"; " Effect of Sleep Disorders on Learning and Behavior in Children"; "Psychometric Qualities of the Sleep Disorders Inventory for Students"; "How to Screen for Sleep Disorders in Children and Adolescents"

South Carolina School Psychology Association, 2006 - "Is it ADHD or a Sleep Disorder Causing Behavior Problems?"

Pinellas County, FL School District: School Psychologists, 2006 - "Wake Up America!  The Veil of Sleep Disorders Impairing Students' Cognition, Learning, and Behaviors"

Third Annual Pediatric Sleep Medicine Conference,  Amelia Island, Florida, March, 2007:  "Screening Students for Sleep Disorders at School: Frequency of Sleep Problems in General and Special Education Students, School Behavior and Academic Achievement"

Washington Association of School Nurses Conference, near Seattle, Washington, 2008:  "Screening and Identification of Sleep Disorders in Students"

Lincoln County School District #2, Afton, WY, 2008:  "Wake Up America!  The Veil of Sleep Disorders Impairing Students' Learning and Behaviors and the Screening- Identification  Process"

DuPage County Teacher Institute Day, Chicago, IL, 2006, 2007, & 2009:  "Screening for Harmful Sleep Disorders with the Sleep Disorders Inventory for Students"

Dallas-Fort Worth Regional Association of School Psychologists, Arlington, TX, April, 2010:  "Child and Adolescent Sleep Disorders:  Evaluation and Interventions in the Schools"  

San Antonio Region 20 School Districts, San Antonio, TX, June, 2010: "Wake Up America!  The Negative Impact of Sleep Disorders on Students' Learning and Behaviors"

 National Association of School Nurses Convention, Washington D.C. Marriott Hotel, June, 2011:  "Wake Up America!  The Negative Impact of Pediatric Sleep Disorders on Learning, Behaviors, and Health!"

Meeting with Senator John Barrasso and Senator Mike Enzi in Washington D.C., June, 2011.  Discussion of the harmful effects of sleep disorders on U.S. students' cognition, learning, health, and safety and the necessity of a Wake Up America Campaign to alert parents and pediatric professionals and promote universal screening of children and adolescents before permanent harm is done.

Lincoln County School District #2 School Psychologists Training in Afton, WY,  May, 2013.  Sleep screening and identification process of students for harmful sleep disorders using the SDIS.

Key Note Address at the International Pediatric Conference in San Antonio, TX, May, 2015.  Presentation of the negative effects of sleep disorders on students' cognition, behaviors, achievement and health and the sleep screening process to identify these harmful sleep disorders with the Sleep Disorders Inventory for Students (SDIS).

Other Similar Presentations Continued


A Few Professional Testimonials about Dr. Luginbuehl's Workshops and Training Sessions 

Dallas/Fort Worth Regional Association of School Psychologists (DFWRASP), Arlington, TX, 2010:

"Thank you so much for your wonderful presentation.  Your presentation received very high ratings.  Here is some of the positive feedback that was given by attendees:
   - "Very knowledgeable speaker."
   - "I was surprised by the relevancy of the workshop.  I didn't expect it to be good, but it was excellent!"
   - "Best DFWRASP Conference I have attended!"
   - "Very informative and useful workshop."
   - "One of the best workshops I have attended."
   - "Thank you so much for the great presentation.  Hope you enjoyed your stay in Texas!"

Kristin Nethers, Ph.D., LSSP,
Licensed Specialist in School Psychology,
Fort Worth ISD Lead Autism Specialist

Healthy Families Florida Program Managers' Training, 2006:   
"Dr. Marsha Luginbuehl conducted two workshops at a recent Healthy Families Florida Program Managers' Meeting on the following topic:  "Healthy Sleeping Habits for Infants and Toddlers".  Dr. Luginbuehl presented exciting new research on pediatric sleep hygiene and sleep disorders.  She reviewed new medical / educational research and parent testimonials documenting significant improvements in children's school achievement and daytime behaviors once their sleep problems were corrected.  We did not realize that sleep problems were so prevalent in children, or that they could be easily identified and corrected if professionals working with children are well-informed and screen for pediatric sleep problems / disorders.  Dr. Luginbuehl's sleep workshop received high marks from participants.  Listed below are some of the written comments from the workshop evaluations:

      "Excellent information which I can pass on to my staff."
      "Great Training!"
      "This workshop was surprisingly very informative and awareness was really beneficial."
      "Presenter was very prepared & had thorough knowledge of sleep problems/disorders."
      "Wealth of knowledge in this area."

We would highly recommend Dr. Luginbuehl as a presenter to any para-professional or professional group working
with children
and adolescents."  

Carol M. McNally
Executive Director
Healthy Families Florida 

 Idaho School Psychologist Association, 346 Carol Avenue, Idaho Falls, Idaho:

"Dr. Marsha Luginbuehl presented at our fall, 2005 state conference about the detection, treatment, and monitoring the effectiveness of the treatment of sleep disturbance.  She held the audience engrossed for both the morning and afternoon sessions.  There was standing room only during part of the sessions (I know, I was one who was standing), but it was well worth it.  Her organization of presentation was outstanding, and the information absolutely vital to the daily practice of school psychology.  Dr. Marsha, as she came to be known in the conference, was patient with our questions and not only answered them, but she connected them to the knowledge that we had already acquired.  In the post-conference rating, 94% of the marks from her audience were in the top two categories for interest, useful information, organization of presentation, and overall rating.

I think the ultimate compliment, which summarizes our feelings, was expressed by a member who said, "I can use this information tomorrow and I can grow professionally with it."

Dr. Marsha Luginbuehl has our utmost respect and appreciation for the outstanding presentation and the research that she did in preparation.  It is made even better by a supporting product that makes the presentation and knowledge of greater use to school psychologists in the field.  Sleep Disturbance is a complete package that addresses an area of great need within the school age population that has previously been under-recognized."


Gene Lund, President
Idaho School Psychologist Association