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Many pediatric sleep disorders cause learning and/or behavioral/emotional problems.  Therefore, all professionals working with children/teens who have these problems should screen them for sleep disorders, especially if they are being referred for Special Education consideration or Mental Health Diagnoses (DSM-IV). Many of their learning and behavior/emotional problems will decrease if they have a sleep disorder that is corrected. This could save school districts and insurance companies billions of dollars in remedial or healthcare services if these sleep disorders are identified early and corrected. Presently, less than 10% of all children and adolescents with correctable sleep disorders are being screened and treated!  A recent study reported that about 70% of adults with Obstructive Sleep Apnea have not been diagnosed and treated even though it is easier to identify adults.  

We have now launched the newly revised Sleep Disorders Inventory for Students-Revised and the new Sleep Disorders Inventory for Adults (SDI-A).  They are now accessible on our new, dynamic Digital Platform at www.SleepInventory.comThese sleep inventories screen for the major sleep disorders in children, adolescents and adults:  Sleep-Related Breathing Disorders (UARS -> OSA); Periodic Limb Movement Disorder (PLMD); Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome in teens or Behavioral Insomnia of Childhood (BIC) in children; Narcolepsy; Excessive Daytime Sleepiness (EDS); and the Total Sleep Disturbance Index (SDI).

Our inventories also provide information and interventions for five parasomnias:  Teeth-grinding; Sleep-walking; Sleep-talking; Sleep or Night Terrors, and Bed-Wetting.

Why Use the Sleep Disorders Inventory for Students-Revised (SDIS-R) or the Sleep Disorders Inventory for Adults (SDI-A)?

The SDIS-R is our newest version of the original SDIS that has been popular with professionals for 14 years.  We are also launching our new Sleep Disorders Inventory for Adults (SDI-A) due to frequent requests from professionals.  They are much better than the original SDIS and here is why:

1)  The new SDIS-R and SDI-A are on our digital platform at and are much easier and cheaper for professionals to use.  All you have to do is go to our new website, log in with your business, hospital, or school district information, and you can choose whether you would like to merely try out 10 screenings to see if you'd like to use the SDIS-R or SDIA, or purchase a specific amount per month, or order a larger amount to make screening extremely economical.  The more you order, the cheaper each screening is: as low as $0.50 per screening. You can see the price breakdowns after logging in as a business or professional.  Ordering is done conveniently with any credit card. 

2)  Let's pretend that you order 100 screenings.  You will always see the amount of screenings your business still has remaining.  Below that amount you will see in big, bold font:  

Assign Sleep Inventory

Then there are three fields where you can write the first and last name and email of the child/teen's parent and then click:  Assign Inventory 

The parent will be sent a link to their computer to screen their child at home.  This is important because there is a worksheet of all the questions they can download if necessary, go observe their child at night if they aren't sure of certain questions, and then go back to the online screening and complete the inventory accurately online.  Our research indicates that about 30% of all parents need to do this to answer a sleep questionnaire accurately because some parents are not sure how to answer some of the nighttime questions without observing their child/teen first.  If it is the adult version, then the adult may need to have a partner or spouse observe their nighttime behaviors and help complete the questions.

3)  Here is a feature that professionals love:  The instant the parent or adult clicks "Finalize Scoring" to access the results, your professional practice is also emailed the results with graph and report.  This way there is no risk that the parent loses or forgets to bring in the results when they come to their appointment.  You or your office secretary can choose to download and save the report in the child/teen/adult's file, either electronically or a paper copy, or you can choose to let our website store the report and you can access it at any time.  This way you do not have to worry if your computer crashes or your office burns!!!

4)  Another feature that professionals love is the capability of monitoring their patients/client's sleep over time.  If a patient is screened and treatment is conducted for a sleep disorder, and you want to follow-up several months or even a year later to see if treatment was effective, as long as you use the patient's exact name and date of birth, you can track the progress using our Comparison Graph. The professional only has to check the box beside the patient's name for each screening, and then click the graph below the boxes and a comparison graph will pop up comparing the patient on each sleep scale over time so the professional can determine if the treatment was successful.  Up to five screening comparisons can be made easily. 

This is also a wonderful help-aid for research purposes.  In our research of treatment satisfaction, about 30% of parents reported that there was no follow-up by professionals and they were dissatisfied with the treatment and found it ineffective.  This dissatisfaction can be remedied by sending the parents a simple follow-up screening a couple months post-treatment.  If the parent reports that the child is still experiencing problems, then it is easy to make a follow-up appointment.

5)  Another helpful monitoring tool is that you or your office manager can see if the parent/patient hasn't yet completed the inventory.  This enables you to send them a little reminder email or make a phone call.

6)  With our new Digital Online Screening, professionals never have to worry that their computer crashes, losing the software and all of their cases.  They also have no problems if software programs clash for some reason or are disturbed by the cloud.  And they never have to worry about paying money every two or three years to update their SDIS-R software because we are continually updating our software on the digital platform at NO COST TO YOU, nor do you ever have to pay a maintenance fee.  It can't be easier or safer for you.

7)  The Obstructive Sleep Apnea scale is now called the Sleep-Related Breathing Disorder scale (SRBD) to encompass the many different breathing disorder terms that professionals use (Upper Airway Resistance Syndrome, Sleep-Disordered Breathing, Obstructive Sleep Apnea, etc.).  Also the SRBD scale has been adjusted slightly to adapt to the new criteria for OSA by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, which is slightly milder (> 1 apnea event instead of the previous criteria of > 2 apnea events per hour). 

8)  The SDIS-R still provides two separate screenings: one for children between 2 yrs. and 10.9 yrs, and the second one for students from 11 through 18.9 yrs.

9)  Due to professional requests, we now also offer our new Sleep Disorders Inventory for Adults (SDI-A) at our new website, www.SleepInventory.comThis enables professionals to also screen adults 19 years and older.  The new SDIA has been adapted from the SDIS-Revised-Adolescent Form because the sleep structure of adults is very similar to older adolescents.  This SDI-A scales have been adapted so that the adult cut-off scores must be slightly higher to be significant.  At this point the SDI-A is an inventory to provide professionals hypotheses of the nature of the adult's sleep problems, but no validation studies have been conducted at this time.  If you are a sleep clinic that might be interested in participating in a validation study for adults, please contact Dr. Marsha Luginbuehl at  

Overall, the new SDIS-R  and SDI-A are more economical, convenient, versatile, and maintenance free.

Our Sleep Disorders Inventory for Students-Revised (SDIS-R) is the first step to finding out if a child or adolescent has a fair or good probability of any of the major sleep disorders in children or adolescents and needs to be referred to the pediatrician or pediatric sleep specialist for a comprehensive sleep evaluation. In cases of bedwetting, night terrors, or behavioral sleep disorders (i.e., Behavioral Insomnia of Childhood or Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome) our report provides behavioral interventions for the parent and professional to help the child or teen correct the problems, usually without needing to go to the pediatrician or sleep specialist for help. 

The same great features of the SDIS are still true of the new SDIS-R and recognized by sleep specialists and many other professionals as one of the leading sleep screening inventories in the world due to several factors:  

1) It is the only sleep screening inventory in the world to screen both children and adolescents for the major sleep disorders impairing children's daytime performance;
2) All 11 recommended steps of validation were used to establish high validity and reliability for this screening instrument (see Spruyt & Gozal, January, 2011, in Sleep Medicine Review);
3) It is the only sleep screening instrument with quick, easy, and accurate computer scoring.  It generates a clear graph and comprehensive report with excellent recommendations for professional and parents (who know little about sleep disorders).  Our digital platform can maintain a large data base for researchers and school or hospital record maintenance. Furthermore, pediatricians are much more likely to refer children with high SDIS-R scores for a comprehensive sleep evaluation than when parents complain of sleep problems in their child, but have no reliable data to prove it.  Pediatricians also have reliable data in their hands if insurance companies or Medicaid employees complain that the pediatrician is making too many referrals for comprehensive sleep evaluations.

Great Flexibility when Ordering Screenings:

1) We have discontinued the old-fashion SDIS Start-Up Kits to provide more flexibility.  Now we offer any amount of screenings that the professional chooses to order from 10 screenings online up to 2,000 screenings to serve the various needs of individual professionals up to large children's hospitals and school districts.  Professionals can order monthly or in large amounts by simply using any credit card.  Naturally a larger order of screenings drastically cuts costs.  At Child Uplift, Inc., we try to make these large screenings so inexpensive that every child or adolescent coming through your doors will be screened, just like they all receive routine vision and hearing screenings!  Approximately FIVE (5) times as many children and adolescents have sleep problems/ disorders than vision or hearing problems, which cause learning and/or behavior problems!  All the more reason that all of our children in the USA should be routinely screened for sleep problems every 2-3 years, starting in preschool.

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